JE Piecepack Original Suits

The Original four suits — Clean vector versions of the original suits as specified by the designer of the piecepack, James Kyle. The suits are Suns, Moons, Arms and Crowns.

JE Piecepack Original Suit Extention

The Original four suits extention — Four new suits carying on the astrological and rule themes from the original suits, inspired by the SensibleExpansions article. The astrological theme starting with Suns and Moons is extended with Stars and Planets. The theme of rule starting with Arms (which I interpret as rule by feudal lords) and Crowns (Rule by kings and queens) is extended with Quills (indicating constitutional monarchy or federal republic) and Rainbows (indicating either utopia or rule by God).

JE Piecepack Seasons Expansion

The Seasons expansion — Four new suits: Winter, a bare tree; Spring, a blossom; Summer, a leaf; and Autumn, an Apple.

JE Piecepack Elements or States of Matter Expansion

The Elements expansion — Five new suits. Take your pick of Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water; or States of Matter: Solid (Earth), Liquid (Water), Gas (Air) and Plasma.

JE Piecepack Playing Card Expansion

The Playing Card expansion — Four new suits: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs.